Airport Runway

Zarnoth Brush has been supplying airports in our region with runway sweeper brooms for decades.

When looking to effectively remove snow, ice, debris, and rubber from your runway, you want a broom to give you excellent performance, long life, and not leave bristles behind. To obtain that goal, you need a balanced, heavy-duty brush that can handle the high speed of broom rotation. You can trust us to supply a superior broom replacement to accomplish the critical task of keeping your runway safe and clean.

Stock   19-1/2" x 46"  8 lb. poly 
    19-1/2" x 46" 10 lb. wire (available upon request)
    19-1/2" x 46" 13 lb. heavy-duty wire 
    10-3/4" x 36" poly 
    10-3/4" x 36" heavy-duty wire 
Style:    46" flat wafers (spacers included) 
    36" flat wafers (spacers included)
    36" convoluted wafers